This manual contains the standards, policies, procedures and guidelines that pertain to the Pilot Examiner (PE) program and is published for use by Transport Canada Civil Aviation Inspectors and Pilot Examiners.

Pilot Examiners are approved and delegated by the Regional Superintendents/TTLs responsible for Flight Training (Operations), and are authorized to conduct flight tests on behalf of the Minister.

When performing their duties, Pilot Examiners are acting as Agents of the Minister of Transport pursuant to subsection 4.3(1) of the Aeronautics Act, thus it is imperative that the policies and procedures specified in this manual are followed.

Transport Canada Civil Aviation Inspectors will also abide by the policies and procedures of this manual specified for the approval of PEs as well as the conduct of flight tests.

Pilot Examiner monitoring procedures will be conducted in accordance with Advisory Circular AC-QUA-408A – Pilot Examiner (PE) Monitoring Procedures – Aeroplane and Helicopter and in accordance with Staff Instruction SI-QUA-408 – Pilot Examiner Monitoring Procedures.

All dispensations and exemptions from policies described in this Manual, including the delegation of flight tests for the Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating, must be subjected to a Risk Assessment in accordance with Staff Instruction SI – QUA-008 - Risk Management Process for Aviation Safety Activities.

For more information, and to submit suggestions for amendment, please contact the:

Chief, Commercial Flight Standards (AARTF) 
Phone: 613-990-1022 
Fax: 613-990-6215 

Aaron McCrorie 
Director, Standards Branch 
Civil Aviation 
Transport Canada, Headquarters

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