11. Maintenance and Retention of Technical Records - 573.10(1)(k)

"...the maintenance policy manual (MPM) of a domestic AMO Certificate holder shall contain at least the following information...

(k)  Details of the system used to maintain and retain records of the work performed for each aeronautical product maintained as described in section 573.15 of this standard."

inspection check sheets, corrective actions, ground runs and flight tests, Airworthiness Directive compliance and maintenance releases. In other words, anything related to the performance of maintenance.

Description of the system should include how the records are dispersed, where each copy is filed, and how long the records are retained. In the case of electronic records, describe how access is limited to authorized personnel, how changes are documented, and how these records are protected and backed up.

Records must be retained for at least two years from the date of the maintenance release.

The example below is very generic. Please ensure to describe the system in place at your organization.


All records as listed in CAR Standard 573.15 will be maintained and retained by the AMO for a minimum of two years.

The original work order and its associated documentation will be given to the customer. Copies of the work order will be kept in numerical order in a filing cabinet in the Person Responsible for Maintenance office. After two years, these files will be moved to the file storage area on the mezzanine and kept for an additional four years.

The AMO has a computerized aircraft maintenance system which records all maintenance and certifications made to aircraft.

The Person Responsible will maintain a list of personnel authorized to modify electronic records. The list will include the scope of each employee's privileges. All access to electronic records will be read only with the exception of personnel whose duty requires them to modify records. Only authorized personnel will make electronic record entries. Once electronic records are saved, corrections and revisions are limited to authorized personnel only. When changes to the records are required, the Organizations computer software program saves the original text and displays changes in red. The software records the name of the individual who made the change and provides a text box to record the reason for the change. Back up copies of the companies electronic records are made nightly to a secure back up tape system to preventthe loss of data.

A current list of authorized individuals and the scope of their approval can be found in a file held by the PRM.

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