12. Maintenance Process Control - 573.10(1)(l)

"...the maintenance policy manual (MPM) of a domestic AMO Certificate holder shall contain at least the following information...

(l)  A detailed description of the system used to ensure that all maintenance tasks, applicable to the work requested of the AMO, have been completed as required by CAR 573.08(4)."

CAR 573.08(4) requires that the AMO have a system to make sure that all tasks and sub-tasks are completed and recorded before the maintenance release is signed.

When an AMO takes on a job, the work is tracked and recorded. The process control system depends on the size and complexity of the AMO and the type of work that is done.

Consider these two scenarios:

  1. A small AMO changes a main wheel on a Cessna 150.

  2. A large AMO performs a "C" check on a CL215. This requires thousands of man-hours over several months, with possible subcontracts to specialized organizations.

Both scenarios require the same basic steps, but on different scales. Changing the tire on a C-150 can be tracked on a single sheet of paper, whereas the CL-215 "C" check may result in a file of paper several inches thick.

There are various ways of describing the process and could include any of the following methods:

  1. A flow chart
  2. A bullet form
  3. In more complex AMO, a Procedures Manual may have to be referenced


The Person Responsible for Maintenance uses a check sheet attached to the work order that ensures that the following steps are taken:

  • Review of the Technical Log, Purchase Order and associated documents for the maintenance requested.
  • Adequate facilities, including current tooling and technical/regulatory data are available.
  • A work order is initiated with appropriate check sheets and additional work sheets are attached.
  • Duties are assigned to appropriately trained maintenance personnel.
  • The inspection, troubleshooting, repair, overhaul or replacement of parts is done in accordance with the Parts and Material section of this manual.
  • Additional maintenance items found are entered on the additional worksheet and the customer has been informed.
  • All items entered on the additional worksheets have been addressed.
  • Inspection by certifying personnel has been carried out.
  • Dual inspections have been carried out as required.
  • Functional tests have been carried out as required.
  • A Review of all documentation for completeness has been carried out.
  • A computerized maintenance release itemizing all maintenance performed and any outstanding defects is generated and entered appropriately for the customer.
  • For items released conditional to a satisfactory test flight, refer to the customer's test flight procedures.
  • Copies of the documentation have been forwarded for dispersal and retention in accordance with the technical record section of the manual.

(all forms referenced can be found as an appendix to this manual)

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