19. Training and Training Records - 573.10(1)(s)

"...the maintenance policy manual (MPM) of a domestic AMO Certificate holder shall contain at least the following information...

(s)  A description of the training program required pursuant to CAR 573.06."

CAR 573.06 requires that the organization-training program include the applicable regulations as well as the AMO standards and procedures necessary to provide currency and continued qualifications.

A training program makes sure that personnel with technical responsibilities are properly trained for the work they are responsible.

Training has three basic levels:

  1. Initial Training:  The employer makes a new employee aware of regulatory, technical, human factors and organization requirements.
  2. Update Training:  Update Training is required to ensure that personnel remain competent and are made aware of any changes to the regulations, manufacturers recommendations, and the organizations procedures.
  3. Additional Training:  Additional Training is required when the organizations quality program reveals that an employee is not aware of changes to the regulations, applicable standards, or company procedures. Additional training is also used to keep staff aware of maintenance safety related issues. This can be in the form of bulletin boards, information notices, and company publications, verbal briefings, or by any similar means.

The training objectives will be evaluated by means of examination or practical evaluations.


All employees will receive initial training in organization policy, procedures, maintenance related safety issues and human factors when hired. The Quality Manager will conduct the policy and procedures training within the first week of employment. Human Factors Training will be completed during the first year for each employee. Each employee having technical responsibilities will receive Human Factors training as appropriate to their duties. The human factors training will be contracted to ABC Training Ltd. in a two-day classroom setting. The Human Factors training will include the following:

a)  human performance;

b)  factors influencing human error, including:

  1. fatigue;
  2. stress;
  3. assertiveness;
  4. awareness;
  5. resources;
  6. knowledge;
  7. team work;
  8. norms (commonly accepted standards and procedures);
  9. complacency;
  10. pressure;
  11. distraction; and
  12. communication;

c)  error management, including error prevention and error containment.

Additional training will be carried out whenever there are rule changes or at the discretion of the certificate holder, who will assess the need and quality of the training based on the results of the organizations internal audit.

Update training will be obtained through, but not limited to, reviewing initial training material, attending aviation seminars; the use of Aerolearn.com; AMT magazine; interaction and discussions with qualified specialist organizations; and Transport Canada publications. The training cycle for update training will not exceed 36 months.

All training will be recorded in a separate file for each employee and kept in the organization office. All training records will be kept for at least 2 years after the date that a person is no longer employed with Acme Aero. Each employee will be given a copy of all records that pertain to their training.

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