20. Personnel Records - 573.10(1)(t)

"...the maintenance policy manual (MPM) of a domestic AMO Certificate holder shall contain at least the following information...

(t)  A description of the personnel records to be retained pursuant to CAR 573.07."

CAR 573.07 requires that personnel records must be kept for at least two years and will include personal qualifications, authorizations, and training. Each person will be provided with a copy of his or her record.

Describe what employee records will be kept in regards to:

  1. Persons appointed to the position of PRM and persons assigned management functions (per CAR 573.04)
  2. ACA/SCA authorities granted
  3. All training given

Records must be retained for a minimum of 2 years after the date of the last entry. For audit purposes, it is recommended that they be kept beyond the two-year period.

CAR 573.07(2) states that the person in question must be given a copy of all records.


The quality manager maintains a separate file on all company maintenance personnel.

These personnel files will include the following:

  • Tombstone data applicable to each individual
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Training History
  • AME license
  • Aircraft Certification Authority and/or Shop Certification Authority issued

All personnel are to advise the quality manager whenever there has been a change affecting their personal records.

A current list of all approved company personnel and scope of certification authority is located in the documents incorporated by reference section.

All personnel records will be retained for at least 2 years after the company no longer employs the employee.

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