23. Service Difficulty Reports - 573.10(1)(w)

"...the maintenance policy manual (MPM) of a domestic AMO Certificate holder shall contain at least the following information...

(w)  Procedures used to report service difficulties as required by CAR 573.12."

CAR 573.12 requires that all service difficulties be reported to Transport Canada by an AMO in accordance with CAR 591.

In small organizations, the service difficulty is reported to the PRM, who assesses the report and submits the form when necessary.

In larger organizations, the systems can be more complex requiring information to be routed through an organization reliability program prior to a SDR submission.


All service difficulties will be reported on form 24-0038 or electronically via the Web Service Difficulty Reporting System (WSDRS). Anyone finding a defect, which warrants a SDR submission, will bring it to the attention of the Person Responsible for Maintenance The Person Responsible for Maintenance will submit SDRs to Transport Canada for any defect deemed reportable. A copy of the report will be provided to the owner of the aircraft.

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