4. Amendment Control - 573.10(1)(d)

"...the maintenance policy manual (MPM) of a domestic AMO Certificate holder shall contain at least the following information...

(d)  Provisions for issuing and controlling amendments, including a description of the amendment procedure, to ensure compliance with CAR 573.10(5) and CAR 573.10(8)."

CAR 573.10(5) requires that the MPM be submitted to Transport Canada for approval and CAR 573.10(8) requires that any amendment be inserted in each copy of the manual within 30 days after receiving approval.

This section details the process that an organization uses to control revisions to its MPM. Transport Canada must approve the amendment prior to its use by the organization. After Transport Canada approval, the organization must update all MPM copies within 30 days and incorporate the amendment into their work routines within a reasonable period of time.

The standard process for amendment is:

  1. An amendment bar is placed by the changes to show the revised text.
  2. Two copies of each amended page, including two copies of the list of effective pages, are sent to Transport Canada.
  3. Once the amendment is approved, the Transport Canada inspector signs the revised list of effective pages. One copy is returned to the organization for copying and distribution.

Transport Canada must approve every amended page. An inspector may stamp and approve each page, or may just approve the list of effective pages.


When a manual amendment is submitted, two copies of the amendment will be sent to Transport Canada along with amendment instructions.

All amendments will be shown by providing a vertical line in the right margin to indicate where changes in paragraphs or wording have been made. Each amended page will show the amendment number and date in the lower right hand corner. If an amendment requires additional pages, these pages will bear the page number of the preceding page and be suffixed alphabetically.

A completed amendment control page and a list of effective pages will accompany each amendment. Amendments will be inserted by the person in the position as indicated on the distribution list within 30 days of the amendment date and return the control page to the Quality Manager for filing.


Amendment No. _________   Dated: __________

Remove Pages Annotated Insert Pages Annotated







Prepared by: __________________________________
Date: ____________
Person Responsible for Maintenance

Incorporated by: ________________________________
Date: ____________

Date modified: