8. Maintenance Standards - 573.10(1)(h)

"...the maintenance policy manual (MPM) of a domestic AMO Certificate holder shall contain at least the following information...

(h)  Where the organization uses standards for the performance of work that are equivalent to those recommended by the manufacturer, the identification of those additional standards, developed pursuant to CAR 571.02."

CAR 571.02 requires that the latest standards be used for maintenance or elementary work as recommended by the manufacturer but allows an AMO to develop their own standards. The AMO must be able to demonstrate that the standard is equivalent to those specified by the manufacturer. If standards other than the manufacturers' recommendations are used they must be described in the MPM.

Describe organization standards of work that are different from the manufacturer's recommendations.

For instance, a manufacturer of a particular aircraft may describe a control rigging procedure in their manual that is complex, uses several expensive special tools, and is very time consuming. On the other hand, an organization may have had extensive experience with this aircraft type, and has developed a rigging procedure, which uses less tools, time and effort to arrive at the same result. The organization must demonstrate to TC that the procedure is equivalent to the manufactures. This may be accomplished by means of a letter from the manufacturer or documented evaluation by an expert in the field. The new standard must be identified in the MPM.


All work carried out by this organization will be performed in accordance with the requirements of CAR 571.02, the manufacturer's recommendations, and standard industry practices with the exception of the following:

Post Engine Overhaul Vibration Analysis will be complied with using Acme Aero Vibration Analysis System (AAVAS). AAVAS has been evaluated by the engine manufacturer and found to be equivalent to their equipment. The PRM will maintain a file containing applicable drawings, specifications and letters of acceptance from the engine manufacturer.

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