Advanced Qualification Program Evaluator Manual TP 14672

Appendix B: AQP Evaluator Letter of Authority

In accordance with sub-section 4.3 (1) of the Aeronautics Act and on behalf of Transport Canada, ______________________________________________ (name and license number) is hereby authorized to exercise the following AQP Evaluator authority(ies) as indicated:

CheckboxType E AQP Evaluator* for the conduct of:

  • ()Line Operational Evaluations (LOE)
  • ()Manoeuvres Validations (MV), including MPV and MTV
  • ()Online evaluations (OE)
  • ()First-Look Manoeuvres (FLM)

CheckboxType V AQP Evaluator for the conduct of:

  • Manoeuvres Validations (MV), including MPV and MTV
  • First-Look Manoeuvres (FLM)

CheckboxType O AQP Evaluator for the conduct of Online Evaluations (OE)

*Note:A Type E AQP Evaluator is also an Authorized Person for the purpose of issuing Type and Instrument Ratings.


Approved as an AQP Evaluator as specified above;

Meet qualifications and maintain currency requirements in accordance with the AQP Evaluator Manual and as approved within the air operator’s AQP Program Audit Database (PADB) documentation as applicable;

Approval valid for ____________ (air operator) and _________ (a/ctype);

All AQP validations and evaluations (MV, LOE, OE and FLM) shall be conducted pursuant to Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) the AQP Evaluator Manual and the air operator’s approved AQP PADB documentation as applicable.


Failure to meet any conditions of issuance is grounds for suspension pursuant to section7 or7.1(1)(b) of the Aeronautics Act.

This authority supersedes and revokes all previously issued like AQP authorities and shall remain valid until the earliest of:

  1. the date on which any condition of issuance is breached;
  2. the date on which this authority is revoked in writing, by the Minister pursuant to section7 or paragraph7.1(1)(b) of the Aeronautics Act; or
  3. the 1st day of the thirteenth month following the successful completion of the air operator’s Approved Annual AQP Evaluator Recurrent Academic Training Course (including IRR/RRR) as outlined in the air operator’s Evaluator Curriculum.

Dated at Ottawa, Canada, this _____ day of ______________, 20____.

Issuing Authority

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