Advanced Qualification Program Evaluator Manual TP 14672


7.1 Operator's Records

7.1.1 It is the air operator's responsibility to ensure an evaluator's authority is valid before scheduling them to conduct an evaluation. To aid in this responsibility, an air operator shall maintain records to show:

  1. the last date that each evaluator attended an Approved AQP Evaluator Recurrent Academic Training Course and when their next Recurrent Training Course is due;
  2. the last date that each Type E or Type V Evaluator had his or her LOE, and Instrument Rating if applicable, renewed;
  3. the last date that an evaluator had their AQP evaluator monitor and when their next AQP evaluator monitor is due; and
  4. a list of the validations and evaluations conducted by the evaluator.

7.1.2 All evaluator records are to be maintained for at least three years and shall be made readily available to TC for inspection and auditing purposes.

7.2 Operator's Notification Responsibilities

7.2.1 An air operator shall advise Transport Canada when an evaluator is no longer employed by the company or will not be required to perform validation and/or evaluation duties during the coming 24 months.

7.2.2 It is the air operator's responsibility to submit to the Transport Canada office concerned, a monthly schedule of proposed validations and evaluations to be conducted by all evaluators. The list should be submitted to arrive at least seven days prior to the first scheduled validation or evaluation. Unless another method is approved, the air operator shall use the Monthly Schedule of Validations and Evaluations form in AppendixC.

7.2.3 Where an evaluator's AQP evaluator monitor becomes due during the period covered by the monthly schedule, it should be so noted by the air operator on the form submitted and an advance booking confirmed with a Transport Canada office. If the air operator anticipates a delay or problem in arranging the AQP evaluator monitor prior to the expiry date, contact should be made at once by telephone with the Transport Canada office concerned to make alternate arrangements.

7.2.4When required by section13.1, the original of all Flight Test Report Pilot Proficiency Check, form 26-0249 (AppendixE) shall be submitted to the Issuing Authority as soon as practicable after the evaluations have been completed.

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