General – Errors

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Error: an action or inaction by the flight crew that leads to a variance from operational or flight crew intentions or expectations.

Minor Error

An action or inaction that is inconsequential to the completion of a task, procedure, or manoeuvre, even if certain elements of the performance vary from the recommended best practices.

Major Error

An action or inaction that can lead to an undesired aircraft state or a reduced safety margin, if improperly managed; or an error that does not lead to a safety risk, but that detracts measurably from the successful achievement of the defined aim of a sequence or item.

Critical Error

An action or inaction that is mismanaged and consequently leads to an undesired aircraft state or compromises safety, such as:

  • Non-compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs); or

  • Repeated improper error management or uncorrected and unrecognized threats, which risk putting the aircraft in an undesired state; or

  • Repeated major errors or the non-performance of certain criteria prescribed in the Performance Criteria* that are essential to achieve the Aim* of a test sequence or item.

* Defined in the Flight Test Guide.

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