General – Flight Test

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The pilot examiner will conduct and evaluate the flight test from the ground. The candidate will perform the flight in accordance with the directions and instructions communicated by the examiner over a two-way radio communication system.

Note: Given the limitations in the use of radio communication systems in powered para-gliders, the candidate will explain the procedures that will be used to achieve items 10 and 11 of the flight test (i.e. precautionary landing and forced landing) at the appropriate time during the ground portion of the test.

All of the flight test items listed on the powered para-glider flight test report and described in this guide must be completed and the minimum pass mark of 26 (50%) must be achieved.

All flight tests will be conducted when weather permits safe completion of the required items, the powered para-glider is ready for flight and the candidate and the aircraft’s documents, as required by the Canadian Aviation Regulations, are valid. It is the sole responsibility of the examiner to make the final decision as to whether or not any portion or all of the flight test may be conducted.

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