Flight Test Items – 11. Forced Landing

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To determine that the candidate can, in event of an engine failure, select a suitable landing surface, in a given field, and fly a successful approach.


Engine failure will be simulated on command of the examiner, without prior notice, from a height appropriate for powered para-gliders. The candidate will be expected to select a suitable landing surface in a given field, and, using an organized procedure, fly a successful approach while using the required emergency procedures. The overshoot will be carried out when requested by the examiner at an operationally safe altitude.

Note: The candidate will explain to the examiner, when they are on the ground, what procedure he or she intends to follow in order to successfully complete this flight test item. The touchdown area will also be specified.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate’s ability to:

  1. select a suitable landing surface;

  2. plan the approach, considering the initial altitude, the wind, the field, the terrain, and other existing factors, if applicable,

  3. select a touchdown zone;

  4. vary the flight profile, as necessary, to safely achieve a successful approach to the selected touchdown zone;

  5. prepare the passenger for landing;

  6. complete appropriate checks; and

  7. prepare for overshoot, if requested by the examiner.

Note: The candidate will be expected to demonstrate good airmanship by clearing the engine at appropriate intervals during the descent.

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