Flight Test Items – 6. Canopy Inflation

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To determine that the candidate can safely inflate the powered para-glider’s canopy and check that it is working properly, in accordance with the canopy manufacturer’s operating manual. To determine that the candidate can manoeuvre safely on the ground and avoid unnecessary interference with the movement of other traffic.


Candidates will be required to demonstrate a practical knowledge of canopy inflation, and of how to check that the rigging lines and other control cables are in the proper position.

The candidate will be required to taxi the aircraft to and from the take-off area in use and as otherwise required during the test.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate’s ability to:

  1. safely manoeuvre the powered para-glider, considering other traffic;

  2. adhere to local taxi rules, procedures and ATC clearances and instructions;

  3. use flight controls correctly;

  4. identify and correctly interpret airport, taxiway, and runway signs, markings and lighting;

  5. inflate the canopy while maintaining stability, and visually check the proper position of the rigging lines and the brakes.
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