General – Repeated Flight Test Item

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A flight test item or manoeuvre will not be repeated unless one of the following conditions applies:

  1. Discontinuance: Discontinuance of a manoeuvre for valid safety reasons; i.e., a go-around, collision avoidance or any other procedure necessary to modify the originally planned manoeuvre, as well as upon specific request from the pilot examiner.

  2. Misunderstood Requests: Legitimate instances when the candidate did not understand an examiner’s request to perform a specific manoeuvre. A candidate’s failure to understand the nature of a specified manoeuvre being requested is not grounds for repeating an exercise or manoeuvre.

  3. Other Factors: Any condition under which the examiner was distracted to the point that he or she could not adequately observe the candidate’s performance of the manoeuvre (radio calls, traffic, etc.).

Note: These provisions have been made in the interest of fairness and do not mean that instruction, practice, or the repeating of an item or manoeuvre, that was unacceptably demonstrated, is permitted during the flight test evaluation process.

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