Sample 1: Recommendation for Flight Test — Ultra-light Aeroplane


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Recommendation for Flight Test — Ultra-light Aeroplane


Name of Candidate (Print)

Permit Number

Flight Experience

Dual         Solo

Flight Training Unit ID Number

I, the undersigned instructor:

certify that the above named candidate meets the minimum experience requirements to be admitted to the flight test.

certify that I have personally conducted a pre-test evaluation of all required flight test items with the candidate,

consider the candidate to have reached a sufficient level of competency to complete the ultra-light flight test and hereby recommend the candidate for the flight test, and

certify that I am qualified through the privileges of my pilot permit or licence to make this recommendation.

Name of Instructor Recommending Test (Print)

Permit/ Licence Number

Signature    Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Flight Training Unit

26-0685 (0511-01) Canada

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