Aviation Safety Letter 1/2003

System Safety Program Renewal

One of the evolving directions identified in Flight 2005: A Civil Aviation Safety Framework For Canada is to focus our resources to those activities with the greatest safety benefit. Given this context and the many challenges it represents, the System Safety management team conducted an extensive program review, which has resulted in program renewal. The renewed program will refocus energies and resources to meet new priorities and address evolving issues and directions, such as safety management systems (SMS) and initiatives to reduce runway incursions.

Effective April 1, 2003, the System Safety program will be incorporating components of its national workshops into Regional safety briefings and be discontinuing the delivery of workshops, namely Pilot Decision-Making (PDM), Crew Resource Management (CRM), Human Performance in Aviation Maintenance (HPIAM) and Company Aviation Safety Officer (CASO).

The refocused program will:

  • Develop and provide new initiatives, products and information on evolving issues and safety trends based on better safety information;
  • Provide continued access to safety information through Regional safety briefings;
  • Continue to offer workshop information kits at a nominal charge of $100.00 plus applicable taxes; and
  • Continue providing System Safety support and advice. 

The changes also mean that aviation organizations will have:

  • Direct involvement, management and ownership in the development and delivery of safety information;
  • The flexibility to deliver and tailor material to their own needs; and
  • The opportunity to develop their own cadre of resident expertise. 

As we progress with these changes, the System Safety Program will be revitalizing its evaluation activities and take on a leadership role in safety intelligence where we believe we will see the greatest safety benefit. In addition, over the next two years System Safety will continue the education campaign on SMS concepts and principles launched in November 2001. We firmly believe these program changes will maximize our mutual contribution to safety. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact your System Safety Specialist.

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