Aviation Safety Letter 1/2003

Fueling: Turbo Does Not Equal Turbine!

After departing Smithers for Williams Lake on May 12, 2002, a Turbo Aztec reported one engine running hot and returned. It was discovered that the plane had been fueled with Jet B! Apparently the fuel handler put Jet B into the "Turbo" Aztec. No one was hurt, but the occurrence could easily have turned out much worse. The fuel handler may have seen the word "turbo" on the aircraft, and incorrectly assumed that the aircraft was a turbo-prop. He was intending to follow up on that assumption with the people involved, but has not been able to get in touch with anyone.

This may seem basic motherhood to most, but pilots should observe whenever fuel is being delivered to their aircraft. This is not only good practice, but it may be a requirement in your company SOPs as well!

Never assume a fuel handler knows what he or she is doing! Fetch ASL Issue 2/2001, Page 10, and read "Full-service Mistake" again. It is also available at:


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