Aviation Safety Letter 1/2003

Charlottetown Has One Up on Runway Incursions!

by André Vautour, System Safety Specialist, Atlantic Region, Transport Canada

Back in March 2002, the Transport Canada Atlantic Region enforcement branch notified System Safety of a possible trend in mandatory frequency (MF) violations occurring at the Charlottetown airport. The majority of the violations occurred as a result of pilots taxiing on Alpha from Ramp II without contacting the flight service station (FSS) first. It's worth mentioning that the majority of the aircrafts involved were not from the local area. System Safety staff went to the Charlottetown airport to see what could be done to stop this trend. After looking at the area surrounding Ramp II and the Alpha taxiway, recommendations were made to the Aerodrome Safety branch. The Charlottetown Airport Authority was then contacted, and without hesitation followed up on those recommendations; it painted a line on Ramp II marking the boundary between the ramp and the Alpha taxiway, and erected two stop signs at either end of the new line, reminding pilots to contact FSS. In addition, the Prince Edward Island Flying Association was approached, and they posted a sign inside the general aviation (GA) building informing pilots to contact FSS before taxiing on Alpha. Since then, no other incidents of this kind have been reported. All in all, a small issue that could have become a link in the chain of events to cause an accident. A job well done by all parties involved

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