Aviation Safety Letter 1/2003

To the editor

Zenair Incident

Dear Editor,

I am the owner of the Zenair aircraft depicted in the story published in Ultralight and Ballooon issue 1/2001. The article is not accurate as it states that I failed to shut down the engine before striking the other aircraft. The article should have said that I did in fact shut the engine down before I even applied the brakes. Here is an account of the event after the time I requested taxi clearance back to the long term parking.

While taxiing back to the parking area the engine suddenly jumped up to, or near full throttle. I quickly shut off both magnetos and the engine came to a stop. The aircraft had already gained considerable speed, due to the high power to weight ratio, so I abruptly jammed on the brakes in order to gain control of the aircraft. The brakes failed to apply evenly causing the aircraft to veer sharply to the left. The propeller contacted the strut of the Cessna 150 causing the wing to collapse. The propeller was not turning at the time of impact.

Andrew Joyner
Burnaby, B.C.

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