Aviation Safety Letter 1/2004

Have You Heard About TP 14052E, the NEW Ground Icing Operations Update?

A new Commercial and Business Aviation document was recently released by Transport Canada (TC), Civil Aviation to inform air operator personnel of recent developments and issues pertaining to aircraft ground icing operations. In the past, a Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circular (CBAAC) was issued during each winter operating season. It contained both reference information related to ground icing operations and the Holdover Time (HOT) Guidelines. A decision was made to do away with the annual CBAAC on this subject and replace it with two documents. The first material related to ground icing operations. The second document, the HOT Guidelines, is available on the Web.

A significant benefit of having this stand-alone publication is to allow the annual publication of the HOT Guidelines separately, without having to re-issue the general information section. The operational benefit of this is to have accurate and timely HOT Guidelines available before the winter operating season commences. This allows operators adequate time to incorporate the requisite information into their respective ground icing programs and conduct the necessary training.

All previous CBAACs on the subject of ground icing updates are superseded; the most recent on this subject was CBAAC #0194R, dated September 20, 2002.

TP 14052E and the Winter 2003-2004 HOT Guidelines are easily accessible at: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/commerce-holdovertime-menu-1877.htm. If you have any questions or comments regarding the above, please contact Doug Ingold at INGOLDD@tc.gc.ca.

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