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Aviation Safety Letter

Issue 1/2010

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Important Editorial Note: Article deleted from ASL 1/2010

In Aviation Safety Letter (ASL) 1/2010, Transport Canada (TC) published an article which reproduced a Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) Aviation Safety Advisory titled "Major Modifications to Amateur-Built Aircraft". Some aircraft referred to in the article were incorrectly identified as Bush Caddy aircraft. It has since been determined that none of the aircraft mentioned in the subject article were Bush Caddy aircraft. Consequently, the article has been removed from all online versions of ASL 1/2010. With this notice, TC also retracts the article from the printed version of ASL 1/2010. Further, the aircraft type in the June 28, 2009 occurrence listed in the section entitled ‘Accident Synopses’ on page 31 of ASL 1/2010 should read “C.A.D.I. L-160”, and not “Bush Caddy”. The ASL apologizes to Canadian Light Aircraft Sales and Services Inc. (CLASS) Bush Caddy, and to owners and operators of CLASS Bush Caddy aircraft for this error.

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