Aviation Safety Letter 2/2003

VFR Communications Procedures at Uncontrolled Aerodromes With MF and ATF Areas

The following procedures shall be followed by pilots of radio-equipped aircraft at uncontrolled aerodromes within an MF area and should also be followed by pilots at aerodromes with ATFs:

(The procedures below have been summarized. Read them in full in A.I.P. Canada RAC 4.5.7.)

Operations on Manoeuvring Area:

  • Report intentions and maintain a listening watch.


  • Report intentions before moving onto the runway;
  • Ascertain visually and by radio that no conflict is likely during takeoff; and
  • Report departing from the aerodrome traffic circuit and monitor the designated frequency until well clear of the area (5-10 NM).


  • Report position, altitude, arrival procedure intentions and estimated time of landing at least 5 minutes prior to entering the area;
  • Maintain listening watch on the designated frequency;
  • Report joining the circuit pattern giving position in the pattern;
  • Report on downwind leg, if applicable;
  • Report established on final approach; and
  • Report clear of the active runway after landing.

Continuous Circuits:

  • Report joining the downwind leg;
  • Report established on final approach, stating intentions; and
  • Report clear of the active runway after the final landing.
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