Aviation Safety Letter 2/2004

Vancouver/Victoria Airspace:  Are you in Conflict?

A risk management study was conducted by Transport Canada, Pacific Region, regarding high-density air traffic airspace in the Vancouver/Victoria terminal areas. Pilots are urged to follow the published procedures, instructions and notes as depicted on the Vancouver VFR terminal area chart (VTA), and to use the proper radio frequencies in the airspace they transit. VFR pilots, in particular, should be cautious at VFR checkpoints and traffic convergence area (i.e. PT GREY, PT ATKINSON, BOWEN IS or ACTIVE PASS). Training flights should be conducted in designated areas [i.e. advisory area (CYA) (T)], and avoid airways and air routes. All pilots operating in Class E airspace must be vigilant of uncontrolled traffic. And of course, pilots are strongly encouraged to review collision avoidance procedures (i.e. "see and be seen, see and avoid") and to maintain a high level of situational awareness in this busy corridor. We want you around for the Olympics!

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