Aviation Safety Letter 2/2005

TC and NAV CANADA to Introduce New Aeronautical Publications

Over the past couple of years, Transport Canada has been examining ways of improving how information services are being provided to the flying community. In addition, as part of its responsibility for the publication of aeronautical information, NAV CANADA has recently agreed to assume the responsibility for the production of an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant aeronautical information publication (AIP). The current A.I.P. Canada, not required by ICAO. As a result, the AIP will be phased out in 2005 and replaced by a new Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM) and a new NAV CANADA AIP titled A.I.P. Canada (ICAO). As a first step, we have posted the current A.I.P. Canada on the Transport Canada Web site in a downloadable (PDF) format; however, this is only a temporary measure as it will be replaced, starting in October 2005, by the TC AIM.

The TC AIM will contain the same aeronautical information that is currently contained in the current AIP, albeit in a different format. It will be published online in HTML and downloadable format (PDF) as well as in an 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. permanently-bound format that will be published every six months instead of the current three months. Graphics and font size will be larger, and there will no longer be a need to insert amendments to keep your publication up to date because a complete TC AIM will be issued each time. The paper version of the TC AIM will be provided free of charge for the first year to all who qualify to receive the AIP; but after the first two editions, it will be available as a subscription for a small fee. The TC AIM will continue to be available free of charge on the TC Web site. More details on subscriptions will be available at a later date. In both the online and paper versions of the TC AIM, an explanation of the amendments will be provided with each update, similar to the current amendment packages, so that users can see at a glance where and what the amendments are. In order to prepare for the introduction of the TC AIM, the last amendment to the paper version of the A.I.P. Canada will be amendment 02/05, dated April 14, 2005.

In October 2005, NAV CANADA will also be introducing its new ICAO-compliant AIP, titled A.I.P. Canada (ICAO). This new publication will be different from the current AIP as it will be an ICAO-compliant publication intended primarily to satisfy international requirements, and will contain information that will not be in the TC AIM. It will be available on the NAV CANADA Web site as a downloadable product as of October 27, 2005. Supplements and aeronautical information circulars (AIC) that are currently available in the AIP and on the Transport Canada Web site will continue to be available on the Transport Canada Web site and will also be available on the NAV CANADA Web site starting July 7, 2005. Supplements and AICs will also be available as an element of the NAV CANADA A.I.P. Canada (ICAO). Supplements and AICs will not be included in the paper version of the TC AIM.

These changes incorporate many suggestions received over the past few years from the flying community, and Transport Canada appreciates all of the constructive suggestions that have been made over the years.

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