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Certificate of Registration

by Brian Clarke, Program Manager, Operational Airworthiness, Standards Branch, Civil Aviation, Transport Canada

Aircraft owners and operators go to considerable trouble and expense to ensure that their aircraft is airworthy and that their Certificate of Airworthiness remains valid. An aircraft’s Certificate of Registration sometimes needs attention too.

A Canadian Certificate of Registration includes the registered owner’s name and address. That means that, as an aircraft owner, when you move, you have to change the address on your Certificate of Registration. In fact, you’re obliged to do so by Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 202.51 - Change of Name or Address.

As a service to owners and operators, the Continuing Airworthiness section of Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) sends Airworthiness Directives (AD) to the registered owner’s address as it’s recorded in the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register (CCAR) database. A percentage of each mailing comes back as undeliverable, and that’s a concern. What if the aircraft owner, who is responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft and AD compliance, never hears about an AD and doesn’t arrange for compliance with it? At best, the Certificate of Airworthiness is rendered invalid; and at worst, a tragedy happens. While an owner can perform a search for applicable AD on the Continuing Airworthiness Web Information System (CAWIS), TCCA has an obligation to send out ADs by mail so it makes sense to keep your information up to date.

Please check the address on your Certificate of Registration.

There is no fee to reissue a Certificate of Registration for a change of address.

To change the address on your Certificate of Registration, go to our Aircraft Registration and Leasing Web Page, and under the “How Do I?” section, click on “Change My Address on My Certificate of Registration? (TP13305)”, and follow the procedure as indicated. Alternatively, you can contact your new TCCA regional office.

If you’ve lost your certificate, you can get a replacement. If you need to keep flying while waiting for the replacement, you can apply for a temporary certificate. (CAR 202.25—Issuance of a Certificate of Registration)

Changing the address on your Annual Airworthiness Information Report (AAIR) does not change the address on your Certificate of Registration.

Changing your address in other TCCA databases (pilot or engineer licence, etc.) does not change the address on your Certificate of Registration.

You can initiate the change of address process via the General Aviation Licensing & Registration On-Line (GALRO) system; however, the Certificate of Registration is a fundamental and important document and regional officers cannot change the name or address on a Certificate of Registration unless the requirements set out in the CARs are fulfilled. Similarly, they can’t process a change based solely on an e-mail or telephone message.

If you operate a leased aircraft, TCCA would like to remind you that when your lease is up, your Certificate of Registration is automatically cancelled. If you renew a lease, please let your regional office know. (CAR 202.57—Conditions Where Certificate of Registration Is Cancelled)

Where custody and control of an aircraft changes, the registered owner has an obligation to inform TCCA. Amongst other provisions, see CAR 202.35—General, CAR 202.38—Exporting an Aircraft and CAR 202.58—Notification Regarding Destroyed or Missing Aircraft.

If you need additional information, please contact your regional office.

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