Aviation Safety Letter 3/2003

Dr. Robert Waldron Wins the Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award

Dr. Robert Waldron and David Collinette
The Minister of Transport, the Honourable David Collenette,
presenting the award to Dr. Robert Waldron.

Transport Minister David Collenette presented the 2003 Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award to Dr. Robert Waldron for his commitment to aviation safety in Canada. The award was presented in Montreal on April 15, 2003, at the 15th annual Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar (CASS). CASS is an international event hosted annually by Transport Canada for all sectors of the aviation community.

"Throughout North America, Dr. Waldron is recognized as an expert in aircraft accident investigation, and though his technical achievements are impressive by themselves, his integrity and perseverance has also gained him the respect of his peers, manufacturers, the insurance industry, and the international aviation industry," said Mr. Collenette. "Through his accident investigations, Dr. Waldron has contributed to aviation safety worldwide in a profound and tangible manner. I congratulate him on receiving this well-deserved award." Dr. Waldron received his Ph.D in metallurgical engineering at the University of British Columbia. He established the firm R.J. Waldron & Co. Ltd., specializing in aviation and accident investigations. He has worked on more than 500 air accident investigations in 25 countries involving various types of airplanes and helicopters.

One of Dr. Waldron's most noteworthy cases was his investigation into a fatal accident in 1979 of a de Havilland Twin Otter aircraft. His investigation prompted Transport Canada to issue an Airworthiness Directive requiring inspection of Twin Otter craft worldwide. As a result, the entire flight control system of this aircraft was modified.

The Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award was established in 1988 to increase awareness of aviation safety in Canada, and to recognize individuals, groups, companies, organizations, agencies or departments that have contributed, in an exceptional way, to this goal.

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