Aviation Safety Letter 3/2004

ATAC Recognition Awards

by Glenn Priestley, Vice-President, Fixed Wing Air Taxi and Flight Training, Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC)

To celebrate the millennium, ATAC established an annual award series to better profile and applaud innovation and professionalism within commercial general aviation and flight training. Past winners include: Coastal Pacific Aviation for pioneering partnered diploma training; Moncton Flight College for its integrated instructor training; Toronto Airways for innovative partnering on simulation with Flying Colours; Harv's Air Service for developing online ground school and marketing applications; and le Centre Québecois de Formation Aéronautique for developing online advanced training systems.

The Human Resources Study of Commercial Pilots in Canada, released in 2001, recognized the value of positive initiatives to support good efforts. There is a cadre of professional aviation business people and instructors in Canada, whose dedication has had a positive influence on society in Canada, and these committed individuals deserve to be recognized. The Innovation Awards were renamed the "ATAC President Awards" in 2002, and are given to a company or individual that has been recognized as a leader in improving instructional techniques within their training facilities, or has developed a support program for their instructing staff that improves overall system safety. Examples of this recognition include Dennis Cooper of Sky Wings Aviation for developing outreach programs that promote aviation to public schools, and Tom Lawson of Empire Aviation for incorporating ISO 9001 standards for flight training.

The "David Charles Abramson Memorial Flight Instructor Safety Award" was introduced at the 2003 ATAC Annual General Meeting in Quebec-City. This award recognizes a flight instructor who has made a significant contribution to aviation safety in Canada. This award was established by the Abramson family to honour the memory of their son who was a truly dedicated flight instructor, and who gave greatly to others in life. To qualify for this award, the applicant must possess superior teaching skills, outstanding leadership qualities, and demonstrate an unusually high level of performance through their accomplishments and devotion for the advancement of aviation safety. The 2003 inaugural recipient is Mr. Aaron Speer who instructs at Ottawa Aviation Services.

For more information on ATAC Awards and the nomination process, please contact ATAC at 613 233-7727 ext. 309 or e-mail glennp@atac.ca.

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