Aviation Safety Letter 3/2004

Ben McCarty Wins the Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award

Deputy Minister of Transport, Louis Ranger, presenting the award to Mr. Ben McCarty.
Deputy Minister of Transport, Louis Ranger, presenting
the award to Mr. Ben McCarty.

Mr. Ben McCarty was awarded the 2004 Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award for his commitment to accident prevention. The award was established in 1988 to foster awareness of aviation safety in Canada, and to recognize individuals, groups, companies, organizations, agencies or departments that have contributed to this objective in an exceptional way.

Mr. McCarty's many achievements include being a founding member of the Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC) and the Atlantic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Association, serving as president of the latter since its inception in 1983. He has suggested regulatory changes and provided input on new legislation, all helping to further enhance and foster aviation safety. Mr. McCarty has served on many councils, such as the Canadian Federation of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Associations, Canadian Aviation Regulation Council and the Civil Aviation Regulatory Committee.

"Over a 30-year period, Mr. McCarty has had a profound impact on how we approach aviation safety in Canada," said the Honourable Minister of Transport, Tony Valeri. "His contribution and influence in aviation safety is both significant and constant, resulting in a safer and more efficient aviation system in Canada."

The Deputy Minister of Transport, Louis Ranger, presented the award on April 20 at the 16th annual Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar (CASS) in Toronto. CASS is an international event hosted annually by Transport Canada for all sectors of the aviation community. It features safety workshops and presentations by leading Canadian and international safety experts.

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