Accidents Involving Canadian-Registered Aircraft: January to March 2005

Source: Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB).

Occurrence summaries have been edited for space.

Date, Occurrence Number and Classification Province or Country of Occurrence Damage Level Fatalities/ Injuries Aircraft Type Make/ Model Occurrence Summary
3-Jan-05 A05P0002 Class5 British Columbia None 1 serious injury Aeroplane Boeing 737-200
Aeroplane Shorts SD3-60
A customer service attendant on the ramp at Victoria, B.C., was exposed to the jet exhaust blast of a departing Boeing 737. The attendant perceived a signal to proceed and crossed behind the jet. The jet blast threw her about 10ft to the ground. The direction that the jet was parked made it necessary for the pilot to apply thrust into an area where other aircraft were parked.
6-Jan-05 A05P0007 Class 5 British Columbia Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 182P On an IFR flight to Boundary Bay, B.C., the aircraft began accumulating airframe ice at a rate that concerned the pilot. The flight diverted to Nanaimo, B.C., for an approach to Runway16. A missed approach was initiated due to low visibility. The aircraft stalled, but a recovery was made. In an attempt to clear terrain and trees ahead, a second stall was induced, resulting in contact with the trees. A forced landing was made into a soft field beyond the trees. The aircraft was damaged but all occupants were restrained by lap belts with shoulder straps and were not injured.
7-Jan-05 A05O0005 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 185A The Cessna landed at the St.Catharines, Ont., airport on Runway24 and started a ground loop at TaxiwayB. The right wing touched the ground and the aircraft righted itself, facing the grass. The pilot shut the aircraft down, got out and pushed the aircraft onto the taxiway, re-started the aircraft and taxied to the ramp. There was substantial damage to the right wing.
10-Jan-05 A05C0008 Class 5 Manitoba Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 185F The Cessna departed on a wildlife survey flight with three on board. A little over an hour later, at an altitude of 400 to 500ft AGL, the engine emitted a loud bang, followed by a slight vibration and a complete loss of power. The pilot turned the aircraft towards a swampy snow-covered clearing, pumped the wheel skis part-way down, and extended partial flap to slow the aircraft just before landing. The forced landing resulted in damage to the propeller and wing leading edges. The occupants were not injured.
15-Jan-05 A05O0011 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Piper PA-22-160 Aeroplane Beech 23 The Piper was standing with the engine running when the pilot exited to guide a friend who was taxiing in a second aircraft. When he was about 25ft away from his aircraft, he turned around and observed it moving towards him. He attempted to enter it to regain control, but could not open the cockpit door. The uncontrolled aircraft struck a parked Beech23, damaging the horizontal stabilizer with its propeller and engine cowling. Both aircraft sustained substantial damage. The pilot reported locking the throttle at idle position and setting the parking brake before exiting the aircraft.
17-Jan-05 A05O0008 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 421C On departure from Peterborough, Ont., the red "in transit" light remained on when the gear was selected up. The gear was recycled several times and checklist items were completed, but the pilot could not get a down and locked indication for the right main gear. The pilot declared an emergency and continued to Toronto, Ont. In Toronto, ATC said that the gear appeared fully extended. Prior to landing, the right engine was shut down and the propeller feathered. On landing, the pilot kept the aircraft on the left main and nose gear as long as possible, but as the weight settled onto the right gear, it began to collapse. The aircraft came to a stop on the runway, resting on the right wing tip. There were no injuries, and damage was limited to the right wing, aileron, and flap.
21-Jan-05 A05O0017 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 185F A Cessna with Tundra tires was en route to Moosonee, Ont. About 10 mi. west of destination, the pilot deviated to have a look at a trail and camp. Whiteout conditions prevailed. As the aircraft was manoeuvring at low altitude, the wheels contacted the snow and the aircraft nosed down and over turned. The aircraft was substantially damaged; however, the pilot escaped without injury.
24-Jan-05 A05Q0008 Class 3 Quebec Substantial 2 fatalities; 4 minor injuries Helicopter Aerospatiale AS-350-B (Squirrel) An AS350B, with the pilot and five passengers on board, crashed 60 mi. southeast of La Grande-4, Que. The pilot and one passenger were fatally injured. The four other passengers received minor injuries. The aircraft was substantially damaged.
25-Jan-05 A05W0016 Class 5 Alberta Substantial   Aeroplane Piper PA-28-160 A student and a flight instructor took off in a Piper for circuits. During the initial takeoff, at less than 100ft AGL, the engine lost all power. The instructor took control for the forced landing. The aircraft contacted snow-covered ground and a fence, causing substantial damage to the aircraft, but no injuries. Weather was partly cloudy with light winds, temperature 0.8°C and dewpoint -2.7°C. The engine was re-started by maintenance, and troubleshooting is on-going.
30-Jan-05 A05O0025 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Ultralight Quad City Challenger II/A The ultralight on skis departed Cochrane, Ont., with two occupants on board. Upon landing on snow-covered ice on the Abitibi River, the nose landing gear collapsed. The aircraft battery died a short time later, leaving the uninjured occupants with no communication. The airplane was reported missing when it failed to return later in the day. A search and rescue (SAR) helicopter found the aircraft the following morning. Both occupants were rescued.
1-Feb-05 A05F0020 Class 5 North Carolina, USA Destroyed 1 fatality; 1 minor injury Aeroplane Cessna T210M A Canadian-registered Cessna 210 departed Atlantic City, New Jersey, and while in cruise flight at 3 000ft, the engine lost power. A forced landing was attempted on a highway east of Charlotte, North Carolina. During the landing attempt, the aircraft crashed after striking trees and wires, and then caught fire. The pilot was able to escape with minor injuries, but the passenger was fatally injured. The accident is being investigated by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
2-Feb-05 A05W0022 Class 5 Alberta Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 182D As the aircraft was taxiing along Taxiway "A" at Lethbridge, Alta., with only the pilot on board, the wind blew the aircraft onto its back in the infield. The aircraft was substantially damaged, but the pilot was not injured. Winds at the time of the occurrence were reported to be 39kt, gusting to 52 kt.
3-Feb-05 A05P0025 Class 5 British Columbia Substantial 1 minor injury Aeroplane Amateur-built Van's RV6 The aircraft was at about 800ft (altitude) over the threshold of Runway13 at the Courtenay, B.C., airpark when the engine stopped because of fuel starvation. The pilot attempted to re-start the engine by selecting the other fuel tank and turning the boost pump on; however, the restart was unsuccessful. The pilot attempted to complete a 360° forced landing pattern, but this was also unsuccessful. The aircraft crashed into a river adjacent to the runway.
6-Feb-05 A05F0025 Class 5 Guyana Substantial   Helicopter Eurocopter AS-350-B2 The helicopter was in a 10-ft hover when the pilot could not prevent it from turning right with the anti-torque pedals. At the same time, he experienced difficulty in moving the cyclic and the collective. After 15seconds of considerable attitude excursions, the pilot retarded the throttle and the helicopter descended and landed hard. The pilot was not injured, but the helicopter was substantially damaged. The State of Occurrence, Guyana, has delegated the investigation to Canada and the investigation is being conducted in Vancouver, B.C.
7-Feb-05 A05Q0016 Class 5 Quebec Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 150L The pilot was practising soft-field takeoffs on Runway11 at the Mascouche, Que., airport. Shortly after the beginning of the take-off roll, the aircraft deviated to the left. The pilot tried in vain to correct the path using the tail rotor control pedals. The aircraft ran off the runway and nosed over in the snow. The pilot escaped the accident without injury. The aircraft was substantially damaged.
9-Feb-05 A05Q0019 Class 5 Quebec Substantial   Aeroplane Piper PA-34-200T The private aircraft was conducting a recreational flight from Rivière Rouge (Mont Tremblant) to Mont Laurier. After landing on Runway26 at Mont Laurier, the aircraft could not stop in time; it stopped in the snow 200ft past the end of the runway. The aircraft was substantially damaged. The occupants escaped the accident without injury. The runway was 100% covered in ice. No aircraft malfunction was reported.
11-Feb-05 A05P0032 Class 3 British Columbia Substantial   Helicopter Bell Helicopter 212 The helicopter was carrying out heli-skiing operations near Whistler, B.C., on the Spearman Glacier in strong down-flowing winds. During takeoff from the toe of the glacier, with one pilot and eleven skiers, the helicopter settled as it turned downwind, and the skids struck the snow in a level attitude. Before the helicopter came to a stop, it turned over and came to rest on its right side. There was no fire, and the passengers and pilot were able to escape with only minor injuries.
12-Feb-05 A05W0029 Class 5 Alberta Substantial   Aeroplane Piper PA-24-250 The aircraft landed gear up on Runway29 at Grande Prairie, Alta., during a training flight. The lower fuselage and propeller sustained substantial damage. The landing gear retraction system was inspected, and two gear swings were performed after the aircraft was recovered. No pre-occurrence mechanical discrepancies were identified. Two flight instructors were on board the aircraft at the time of the occurrence. Neither sustained injury.
14-Feb-05 A05A0020 Class 5 New Brunswick Substantial   Aeroplane Diamond DA 20-C1 During recovery from a practice power-off stall, the pilot could not advance the throttle lever. Manipulating the throttle lever did not have any effect on the engine RPM, which remained at idle. When the pilot released the throttle lever, it would spring back to the idle position. The pilot declared a Mayday with Moncton ATC and landed on a snow-covered field. The pilot was uninjured and rescue personnel were on the scene minutes after the event. The throttle cable servo rod end bearing was found to be seized, which prevented any movement of the attached arm and the associated butterfly valve. The rod end was removed and is being examined.
18-Feb-05 A05W0033 Class 5 British Columbia Substantial 1 minor injury Aeroplane Cessna 185E The ski-equipped aircraft was on takeoff from the surface of Muncho Lake, B.C., when the right ski dug into the snow. The aircraft nosed over onto its back, and was substantially damaged. The pilot sustained minor injuries, and the sole passenger was uninjured. Winds were calm at the time, and the lake was covered with about 8in. of wet snow.
22-Feb-05 A05C0029 Class 5 Saskatchewan Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 172RG During the initial climb from the Saskatoon, Sask., airport, the engine began to run rough. The pilot applied carburetor heat and the engine then lost all power. The aircraft was landed within city limits on a snowmobile trail. The landing gear did not have time enough to fully extend. There were no injuries, but the aircraft sustained substantial damage. The pilot advised that there was a large oil slick on the side of the aircraft's cowling.
24-Feb-05 A05P0038 Class 3 British Columbia Substantial   Helicopter Bell Helicopter 212 The helicopter was on approach for a pick-up at 7000ft ASL, when the collective pitch was increased and the engines did not respond. The low rotor RPM warning sounded, the engine throttles were confirmed fully opened, and the pilot auto-rotated from 150ft AGL. The rotor RPM was not recovered, and the sink rate could not be arrested in the flare or by increased collective pitch before touchdown. The helicopter landed hard, but remained upright. The deep snow absorbed some of the impact forces. The pilot did not appear to be injured, but the helicopter incurred substantial damage, mostly to the tailboom.
28-Feb-05 A05P0039 Class 5 British Columbia Destroyed   Aeroplane de Havilland DHC-2 MK I The aircraft departed the Campbell River Spit, B.C., to deliver one passenger to Frances Bay, B.C., and to transport the remaining three passengers to a camp at the head of Knight Inlet, B.C. There was no further contact with the aircraft after its departure. Search party found one seat cushion and one deceased passenger, but the wreckage was not located until early July in about 830feet of water just east of Quadra Island. Seat belts were found to be unbuckled rather than broken, seven of the eight life vests were in the fuselage containers, and none of the missing occupants were on board the recovered wreckage.
4-Mar-05 A05C0037 Class 5 Manitoba Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 207A During takeoff from the ice strip at Pauingassi, Man., the left wheel of the aircraft caught a snowdrift built up against a windrow, bordering the side of the ice strip. The aircraft spun around and went up onto its right wing tip, causing damage to the wing tip and lower right portion of the engine cowling. At the time of the occurrence, grey overcast conditions existed, causing a poor visual contrast between the snow-covered lake and the cleared portion of the runway, which had drifted in with heavy snow.
6-Mar-05 A05F0047 Class 2 Cuba Substantial   Aeroplane Airbus A310-300 Shortly after departing Varadero, Cuba, aircraft control problems were encountered. The flight returned to Varadero, and on arrival, it was discovered that the aircraft rudder was missing. The TSB sent two investigators to Cuba, accompanied by a Transport Canada technical advisor. It appears that the occurrence commenced over international waters. In accordance with ICAO Annex13, Canada, as the State of Registry, will be investigating. Cuba has offered assistance.
6-Mar-05 A05P0043 Class 5 British Columbia Substantial 1 fatality Helicopter Bell Helicopter 206B The helicopter was operating out of a farmer's field. As the pilot attempted to take off, the right skid dug into the soft ground and the helicopter rolled over on its right side. A main rotor blade struck the left seat passenger, inflicting fatal injuries. There was no fire.
7-Mar-05 A05P0044 Class 5 British Columbia Destroyed   Helicopter Aerospatiale AS-350-B2 As the pilot approached a glacier to pick up a party of heli-skiers, he lost visual reference due to a fog bank. As he could still see the skiers, he continued towards them, but the tail contacted the ground. The tail broke off and the helicopter pitched forward and rolled over. There was no fire.
9-Mar-05 A05W0048 Class 5 Yukon Substantial 1 minor injury Ultralight The ultralight aircraft was flying circuits at a private airstrip northwest of Whitehorse, Y.T. On the final approach of the second circuit, a windshear was encountered, resulting in a hard landing. The aircraft then swerved to the side of the runway and impacted a snowdrift.
12-Mar-05 A05Q0037 Class 5 Quebec Substantial 1 minor injury Ultralight Spectrum Aircraft Inc. Beaver Rx-28 The basic ultralight had been bought by the pilot one month earlier. The pilot was taxiing on the frozen surface of the lake in order to familiarize himself with the aircraft. The ultralight took off unexpectedly, nosed over and hit the surface of the lake. The aircraft was substantially damaged. The pilot did not have a pilot's licence. He had never taken any flying courses.
14-Mar-05 A05C0046 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Piper PA-18A As the aircraft was manoeuvred on final approach to a company outpost camp along the English River, the left wingtip struck the ice. The aircraft remained upright and landed heavily on the skis, which collapsed. The aircraft skidded to a stop with substantial damage to the propeller, the landing gear and wingtips. No injuries were reported.
14-Mar-05 A05F0056 Class 5 Ohio, USA Substantial 1 serious injury Aeroplane Piper PA-32-300 The aircraft crashed short of Runway27 at the Holmes County Airport while executing a forced landing. Both wings separated from the airframe, causing substantial damage. The pilot, the only person on board, was seriously injured. The NTSB is conducting a limited investigation. Canada has assigned an accredited representative in accordance with ICAO Annex13.
16-Mar-05 A05C0047 Class 5 Manitoba Substantial   Aeroplane de Havilland DHC-2 MK I As the aircraft touched down at the Grace Lake, Man., ice strip, witnesses observed the right wing drop and possibly contact the ice surface. The pilot aborted the landing, believing that he had entered deep slush. After takeoff, the right ski was observed flailing in the slip stream and then falling from the aircraft. The pilot elected to fly to the nearby The Pas, Man., to have emergency crews on standby. The pilot also noted that the left ski appeared to be insecure. The pilot landed safely alongside Runway13. A required retaining washer was not installed on both ski fittings.
17-Mar-05 A05O0066 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Mooney M-20J Aeroplane Piper PA-28-160 The Mooney aircraft was parked with the engine running and the parking brake not set. The pilot was focusing on adjusting his seat, when the aircraft began to roll forward and collided with a parked Piper PA-28-161. The parked aircraft was not occupied at the time of the occurrence. There were no injuries to the occupants in the Mooney, but both aircraft were substantially damaged.
17-Mar-05 A05O0067 Class 5 Ontario Substantial 1 fatality Advanced Ultralight PPHU Ekolot JK-05 Junior The advanced ultralight departed Kitchener/Waterloo, Ont., on a VFR flight to Port Huron, Michigan. Weather was favourable for the flight. The aircraft did not reach destination, was reported missing and a search was initiated. The aircraft was found on 18 March 2005 at approximately 16:30EST in a field approximately 10NM north of London, Ont. The pilot was fatally injured.
18-Mar-05 A05O0068 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 180K The pilot overflew a private strip prior to landing and judged that it was firm and suitable. On landing on the 2 400ft runway, the aircraft drifted right. Power was added and the aircraft got airborne again for about 100ft before touching down again with the right wheel on softer ground. The aircraft was then pulled to the right into the softer ground. The right wheel struck a snowbank, causing the aircraft to stop suddenly and flip over. The pilot, who was wearing a lap belt and shoulder harness, was not injured.
19-Mar-05 A05C0048 Class 5 Manitoba Substantial   Aeroplane Beech B99 The gear was selected down and slowly a 3-green gear down indication was displayed. When full flaps were selected prior to landing, the gear unsafe aural warning sounded and the crew executed a missed approach. On overshoot, the gear was selected up, the 3-green indication remained and the landing gear unsafe light was illuminated. The crew diverted to Winnipeg, Man., completed the relevant checklist items and declared an emergency. In Winnipeg, ground personnel advised that the gear appeared to be down. The landing was successful. A crew member noticed that the nose gear was not fully extended, and attempted to move it into the locked position by pushing on it. The nose gear did move; however, the left main gear collapsed.
19-Mar-05 A05Q0041 Class 5 Quebec Substantial   Aeroplane Cessna 120 The ski-equipped aircraft, with the pilot and one passenger on board, was landing on the frozen surface of Lac Noir in the Saint-Jean de Matha area, Que., when the left wing hit the ground. The landing gear and left wing were substantially damaged.
21-Mar-05 A05O0072 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Advanced Ultralight Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Challenger II/A An advanced ultralight aircraft was on a local flight when the drive belt from the engine to the propeller failed. The pilot carried out a forced approach to a laneway.
22-Mar-05 A05W0054 Class 5 British Columbia Substantial   Helicopter Bell Helicopter 206B The helicopter was landing at a well site, when the pilot lost visual reference in snow raised by the rotor wash. The helicopter rolled onto its side and was substantially damage.
23-Mar-05 A05Q0043 Class 5 Quebec Substantial 2 fatalities Advanced Ultralight Skystar Kitfox IB The ultralight aircraft was found crashed approximately 20 mi. northeast of Mirabel, Que. The two occupants were fatally injured.
25-Mar-05 A05O0071 Class 5 Ontario Substantial   Aeroplane Piper PA-22-150 The pilot/owner was flying circuits at Toronto, Ont., Buttonville Airport, with an instructor. While landing on Runway33, after the second circuit, the aircraft ground looped and entered a ditch on the left side of the runway. There were no injuries. The right main landing gear and wing were substantially damaged.
31-Mar-05 A05Q0046 Class 5 Quebec Substantial   Helicopter Robinson Helicopter R22 Beta During a training flight, the aircraft rolled over onto its side when the left skid remained stuck in some mud. The takeoff was being conducted in a field at the Beloeil airport.

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