Pre-Flight - Aircraft Owners - The Importance of a Correct Address

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by Bobbie Rawlings, Aircraft Registration Specialist, Aircraft Registration and Leasing, General Aviation, Civil Aviation, Transport Canada

There are several reasons for keeping one's mailing address up-to-date.

First of all, it is the law. Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 202.51 states, “Where the name or address of a registered owner of a Canadian aircraft changes, the registered owner shall, by not later than seven days after the change, notify the Minister in writing of the change.”

The Canadian Civil Aircraft Register Computer System-Evolution (CCARCS-E) is a live database. Changes made in the system are available immediately. CCARCS-E supports several mailings from various Divisions of Transport Canada. Airworthiness Directives (AD), Annual Airworthiness Information Reports (AAIR), Service Bulletins (SB), and other types of information that pertain to aircraft owners, their aircraft and the safety of flight in Canada, are mailed using CCARCS-E. If an aircraft owner does not adhere to CAR202.51, then the information in CCARCS-E is outdated. When information is mailed to the owner, it will not reach them and will be returned to Transport Canada. This important safety information is not getting to the appropriate destination. This also incurs added costs for mailing, time to locate the aircraft owner, and to update CCARCS-E with the correct information.

With up-to-date information, Transport Canada can ensure that aircraft owners in Canada will be notified of safety information pertaining to their aircraft.

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