Regulations and You - The Aviation Enforcement Division: Who Are We?

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by Jean-François Mathieu, LL.B., Chief, Aviation Enforcement, Regulatory Services, Civil Aviation, Transport Canada

As a contracting State of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Canada has the obligation to promote compliance with aviation regulations, and efficient operation of all aviation activities for which it is responsible.

At Transport Canada, the Aviation Enforcement Division is the specialized unit that conducts regulatory investigations on all violations to the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). In Canada, Canadian regulations apply to people, aeronautical products, and all other objects. Outside of Canada, they apply to holders of Canadian aviation documents, as well as Canadian aircraft and their passengers and crew.

Transport Canada's aviation enforcement policy recognizes the fact that "voluntary compliance" with the regulation is the most progressive and effective approach to achieving aviation safety. However, punitive action may prove to be necessary when there is a violation of the Canadian regulations. This punitive action is applied with fairness and firmness depending on public safety and economic consequences.

Each month, the Aviation Enforcement Division publishes a summary of all punitive action taken against companies or people who have contravened the Canadian regulations. You are invited to consult these documents at the following Web site:

In our next article, we will provide an overview of compliance measures.

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