Blackfly Air on SMS - Another Look at the Safety Management System (SMS) "Gap Analysis"

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Blackfly Air on SMS

It is very rewarding to witness the goodwill of Blackfly Air managers in their attempt to implement an SMS. This time, they are tackling the need for a thorough gap analysis. Here are some expanded thoughts on this important SMS tool.

Management commitment and a company policy are needed to get the "ball rolling." Once you have a good understanding of the required components for an SMS, you can start to plan the development of your system. To start with, find out what components and elements you already have in place and identify the elements that are missing. This is called a gap analysis, and is an excellent way to identify the areas you will need to address. It is also one of Transport Canada's requirements for the initial SMS certification process. You can use one of the self-assessment tools in the toolkit to help with this analysis. With a documented list of items that are required to meet the SMS regulations, you can plan how you intend to develop your own system.

The components and processes can then be put in place following the Transport Canada three-year phase-in approach described in the toolkit.

For further information, consult Safety Management Systems for Small Aviation Operations - A Practical Guide to Implementation (TP14135), and Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations And Aircraft Maintenance Organizations - A Guide to Implementation (TP13881).

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