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Merlin Preuss

I am pleased to introduce the first edition ofCivil Aviation's "new" Aviation Safety Letter (ASL).

In an effort to broaden the scope of safety messages across aviation disciplines and to reach a larger audience, we have combined articles that would previously have been released in separate newsletters and communiqués - such as the Aviation Safety Vortex, the Aviation Safety Maintainer and the Airspace Newsletter - into one publication; the new ASL.

Building on over 30years of excellence in safety communication, I have full confidence that the new ASL will continue to deliver meaningful, practical and timely safety messages. Everyone has a valuable story to tell to stimulate safety dialogue, so I encourage you to continue to contribute your stories to make this new publication as successful as its predecessors.

Aviation is a complex and interdependent system. Errors committed in one area can quite often have an effect on another. In today's aviation environment of managing safety risks to acceptable levels, it is critical that all aviation disciplines communicate with and learn from each other. These are important steps towards improving safety and enhancing the public's confidence in the safety of Canada's aviation system.

Merlin Preuss
Director General
Civil Aviation

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