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Manzur Huq

I am pleased to inform you about the roles and responsibilities of the General Aviation Branch-supporting the delivery of a high level of aviation safety in Canada, as well as a high level of confidence in our Civil Aviation Program. General Aviation has adopted the motto "Flying Safely Begins With Us!" to reflect the basic role of the Branch-toestablish a solid foundation of flight safety by developing safe pilot training and airmanship requirements and ensuring aircraft are registered only when they are safe.

To ensure Canadian aviation licences are secure, and to avoid their fraudulent use, the Personnel Licensing and Aircraft Registration Division is undertaking a project to adopt a new licence format for pilots and air traffic controllers. The new licence will provide for positive identification of the owner and consolidate all licence information, including medical certification, in one document.

Furthermore, this Division is also implementing Amendment 164 to the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO) Annex 1, regarding language proficiency requirements to ensure pilots and ground controllers can understand each other's communication to operate safely. The proposed new licence format will also allow for the pilot licence to capture the language proficiency rating of the licence holder.

The flight Training and Examinations Division was instrumental in leading an ICAO initiative, the Flight Training and Licensing Panel, examining the future pilot qualification and training requirements of the aviation industry. Consequently, a new licence, the multi-crew pilot licence (MPL), and the requirements of a new approved training organization (ATO), based on a quality system, were created. The implementation of these two ICAO provisions is going to be a major task for this Division in the coming year.

Finally, the Branch has recently successfully concluded an agreement with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) for Implementation Procedures for Licensing (IPL), which provide for mutual conversion of pilot licences (aeroplane)/certificates (airplane). Thisprocess came into effect December 1, 2006.

Manzur Huq
General Aviation

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