Aviation Safety Letter 4-2003

The NEW Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada (TATC)

The TATC was established in June 2003 and replaces the Civil Aviation Tribunal, which was established under Part IV of the Aeronautics Act in 1986. The TATC is a quasi-judicial body created to provide an independent review process of administrative and enforcement actions-including the suspension and cancellation of licences, certificates and other documents of entitlement, and the imposition of administrative monetary penalties-taken under various federal transportation Acts. The Tribunal's jurisdiction, extending to the rail sector, is expressly provided for under the Aeronautics Act and the Railway Safety Act (section 2 of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act). The Tribunal reports to Parliament, and its key feature is its independence from any government department.

In accordance with the TATC Act, the Governor in Council has appointed a full-time Chairperson and a full-time Vice-Chairperson of the Tribunal. The other members of the Tribunal are drawn from across Canada and are appointed as full- or part-time members by Order in Council on the basis of their expertise in relevant transportation sectors and in medicine. The Chairperson has supervision over, and the direction of, the work of the members and staff of the Tribunal. The Tribunal provides a system within which hearings can be scheduled and conducted promptly, fairly and informally.

Any person who has been given notice of a decision by the Minister of Transport to suspend, cancel or refuse to issue or renew a document of entitlement, or to impose an administrative monetary penalty, may request a review hearing by the Tribunal. A request for a review must be filed in writing with the Tribunal, on or before the date specified in the notice, to arrange for a review hearing. For more details on TATC and how to submit an application, contact the TATC Registry at: The Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada, 333 Laurier Ave. W, Room 1201, Ottawa ON K1A 0N5; fax (613) 990-9153; e-mail: cattac@smtp.gc.ca.

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