Aviation Safety Letter 4-2003

Medical Certificate - Ultralight Pilots

During recent investigations of a number of ultralight aircraft accidents, it was discovered that some pilots did not have a valid medical certificate. Ultralight pilots are required to hold a valid medical certificate when exercising the privileges of a flight permit. Medical certificates for ultralight pilots are valid for a 60-month period and must be renewed thereafter. As a reminder, the monetary penalty for a first offence is $1000; it increases with any subsequent offences. Holders of a pilot permit-ultralight aeroplane may renew their medical certificate by completing the medical declaration form located at the following Web site: http://www.tc.gc.ca/media/documents/ac-normes/26-0297_0712-06_bo.pdf and forwarding it to the nearest Transport Canada Civil Aviation office for processing. For more details, contact your regional Transport Canada office.

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