Aviation Safety Letter 4/2004

A Tip on Standard Instrument Departures (SID)

by André Vautour, Civil Aviation Safety Inspector, System Safety, Atlantic Region, Transport Canada

For those of you who fly IFR, you are well aware that SIDs are an effective and safe way to get you from your departure point to your next destination. Most IFR airports with radar coverage in Canada have SIDs, and the majority of them are relatively simple (e.g. climb runway heading for vectors and maintain XXXX ft ASL).

A SID violation doesn't happen very often; however, when it does, it's usually the routing part that is not complied with. Currently, two airports in Canada are competing for the title of most SID violations. If you think it's the busiest airports that are affected (i.e. Toronto, Vancouver, etc.), you are wrong! Saint-John (CYSJ) and Fredericton (CYFC) have led the country for most SID violations in the past year. Airlines, corporate aviation and private operators have all committed these violations on occasion. At the present, the issue is under review by Transport Canada. Please be vigilant when following the SIDs instructions, particularly from these two airports.

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