TP 2228 - Take Five...for safety

Safety Promotion & Education

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Take Five...for safety - CD-ROM  

178 seconds (TP 2228-1)

Aircraft/Vehicule Conflict (TP 2228-2) PDF
Below 10,000 feet (TP 2228-3) PDF
Flying near power lines (TP 2228-4) PDF
Forest Fire Airspace Restrictions (TP 2228-5) PDF
Low-Flying Exam (TP 2228-6) PDF
Overloading (TP 2228-7) PDF
Pilots' Rights (TP 2228-8) PDF
PIREP (TP 2228-9) PDF
Runway incursions (TP 2228-10) PDF
(TP 2228-11)  
Winter tips (TP 2228-12) PDF
Fuel Drum Etiquette (TP 2228-13) PDF
VFR Communications Procedures at Uncontrolled Aerodromes With MF and ATF Areas (TP 2228-14) PDF
Lookout - Listenout - Speakout (TP 2228-15) PDF
Me The Hero? (TP 2228-16) PDF
Turn It On For Safety (TP 2228-17) PDF
Underwater Egress (TP 2228-18) PDF
RCO and DRCO (TP 2228-19) PDF
Passenger Safety Briefings (TP 2228-20) PDF
Distraction = Danger (TP 2228-21) PDF
Thunderbolts and Thunderstorms (TP 2228-22) PDF
Time in Your Tanks (TP 2228-23) PDF
Living with Vortices (TP 2228-24) PDF
Vancouver/Victoria Airspace - Are you in Conflict? (TP 2228-25) PDF
Let's Stop UNSARs!!! (TP 2228-26) PDF
Pre-Flight Actions to Avoid Airframe Icing (TP 2228-27) PDF
Personal Minimums Checklists (TP 2228-28) PDF
NOTAMs (TP 2228-29) PDF
GPS Database Issues TP 2228-30) PDF
VFR Weather Minima  (TP 2228-31) PDF
Flying VFR in the Mountains  (TP 2228-32) PDF
Aircraft Maintenance Operational and Functional Checks  (TP 2228-33) PDF
Slinging with Safety  (TP 2228-34) PDF
Snow Landing and Take-off Techniques for Helicopters (TP 2228-35) PDF
Complacency (TP 2228-36) PDF
How to Stay Current (TP 2228-37) PDF
Carburetor Icing (TP 2228-38) PDF
Formation Flight (TP 2228-39) PDF
Gear down and locked... (TP 2228-40) PDF
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