Personal Mimimums Checklists (TP 2228E-28)

Safety Promotion & Education

Before the Task

  1. Do I have the knowledge required to perform the task?

  2. Do I have the technical data required to perform the task?

  3. Have I performed the task before?

  4. Do I have the proper tools and equipment required to perform the task?

  5. Have I had the proper training required to support the job task?

  6. Am I mentally prepared to perform the job task?

  7. Am I physically prepared to perform the job task?

  8. Have I taken the proper safety precautions to perform the task?

  9. Do I have the required resources available to perform the tasks?

  10. Have I researched the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), Airworthiness Directives (AD), Service Bulletins (SB), and Service Difficulty Reports (SDR) to ensure compliance?

After the Task

  1. Did I perform the task to the best of my abilities?

  2. Is the result of the job task performed equal to or better than the original design?

  3. Was the job task performed in accordance with appropriate data?

  4. Did I use all the methods, techniques, and practices acceptable to the industry?

  5. Did I perform the job task without pressure, stress and distractions?

  6. Did I re-inspect my work or have someone inspect my work before returning the aircraft to service?

    Have the required "Independent Checks" of affected controls been accomplished and recorded?

  7. Did I record the proper entries for the work performed?

  8. Did I perform the operational checks after the work was completed?

  9. Am I willing to sign off for the work performed?

  10. Am I willing to fly in the aircraft once it is approved for the return to service?

Adapted from Aviation Safety Program, FAA

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