Flight Test Exercises - Ex. 25 - Confined Areas


To determine the candidate's ability to carry out safe and efficient confined area operations.


The candidate will demonstrate a reconnaissance, an approach to a hover within a confined area, manoeuvering, landing, take-off, departure, and a rejected departure. The rejected departure may be demonstrated outside the confined area, at the examiner's discretion, depending on conditions.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. for the reconnaissance:

    1. carry out the reconnaissance, at a safe altitude and airspeed, in a manner that allows a thorough inspection of the proposed landing area and its surroundings;
    2. assess the wind velocity;
    3. establish that there is sufficient power for the intended operation; and
    4. selecting a suitable direction of approach, considering terrain, wind and weather conditions.

B. demonstrate a safe approach to a hover within a confined area by controlling forward speed and rate of descent so as to avoid abrupt changes of attitude and/or power.

C. demonstrate, when manoeuvering:

  1. correct technique; and
  2. smooth and accurate use of controls.

D. carry out a safe and efficient departure by:

  1. completing a meaningful hover check; and
  2. making appropriate use of terrain, wind, weather conditions, and aircraft performance.

E. demonstrate a rejected departure:

  1. carry out safe procedures without exceeding manufacturer's limitations; and
  2. return the helicopter to a hover or landing as appropriate.