Flight Test Exercises - Ex. 31 - Radio Communication


To determine that the candidate can communicate with Air Traffic Service facilities and obtain assistance from those facilities to permit the safe and efficient conduct of the flight.


The candidate must demonstrate:

  1. or explain the correct procedures for the use of radio communication equipment available on board the aircraft;

  2. the ability to obtain information relevant to the flight and to obtain, respond to, and act upon ATC clearances and instructions; and

  3. the ability to obtain a Special VFR clearance, VHF DF steer, and radar assistance.

The examiner will also assess the candidate's ability to obtain information about weather, NOTAM or other details pertinent to the flight.

Where it is not possible to establish radio communication with an ATC unit, the examiner may use simulations to meet the aim of this item.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. use correct radio procedures;

  2. correctly interpret and respond to clearances, instructions, and information provided by Air Traffic Services;

  3. demonstrate, or explain, the correct procedure for obtaining DF steers, radar assistance and/or a Special VFR clearance;

  4. demonstrate how to obtain information such as weather and NOTAM from a radio facility.