This manual is for the use and guidance of Air Carrier Inspectors in the performance of their duties. It is written to ensure that standards are applied that promote the safe conduct of Canadian civil aviation, and to enhance values such as; quality of service, mutual respect and professionalism.

Cabin Safety, Airworthiness and Dangerous Goods Inspectors need to refer to the publications of their respective areas of expertise for guidance in the performance of their duties as they relate to the certification and inspection of air operators.

I emphasize that all matters pertaining to an inspector's duties and responsibilities cannot be covered in this manual. Inspectors must exercise good judgment in matters where specific guidance is not given. Changes within the industry to aviation technology and to legislation will necessitate changes to requirements.

Your comments and recommendations should be forwarded to the Chief, Commercial and Business Aviation, Operational Standards (AARXB).

Original signed by Michel Gaudreau on July22, 2004

Michel Gaudreau
Commercial and Business Aviation

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