General -Aircraft and Equipment Required for the Flight Test

The aircraft used for the flight test must meet the requirements of CAR 425.23 – Training Aircraft Requirements and must:

  1. have fully functioning dual controls:

  2. have a serviceable two-way intercom system unless satisfactory voice communication can be maintained between the candidate and the examiner;

  3. be approved to carry out all the exercises appropriate to the instructor rating sought and have no operating limitations which prohibit the performance of those exercises.

Initial applicants for aeroplane instructor ratings must provide an aircraft certified for intentional spins.  Except with the concurrence of the examiner, applicants for renewal or upgrade of an aeroplane instructor rating must also provide an aircraft certified for intentional spins.

All applicants for helicopter instructor rating must provide a helicopter capable of full-on practice autorotations.

A suitable view-limiting device must be available.
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