Flight Test Items - Pre-Flight Briefing


To determine that the candidate can brief the student immediately before the flight so that the student will understand how the flight lesson planned and organized in the first part of the test will be conducted.


The candidate will be asked to conduct a pre-flight briefing appropriate to the planned flight lesson. It will be assumed that all necessary preparatory ground instruction has been completed.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. briefly outline the proposed flight, including where the training will be conducted, the sequence of exercises to be covered, the take-off time and duration of the flight;
  2. review meteorological and aerodrome conditions and NOTAM, obtaining student involvement appropriate for the stage of training;

  3. assess the aircraft to be used, including its fuel state and readiness for the training flight;

  4. review applicable safety considerations, such as winter operations;

  5. review relevant flight management/decision-making situations expected during the flight lesson.

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