General - Flight Instructor Rating Assessment

Class 3 - Aeroplane, Helicopter and Class 2 — Aerobatic

  1. Teaching Competency:

    1. Demonstrates acceptable communication skills;

    2. Applies learning factors and techniques of instruction in a manner that may include frequent minor and even some major errors;

    3. Demonstrates the application of the essential background knowledge required for the task or exercise being taught;

    4. Presents technical information to the student in a manner that would instill a satisfactory level of understanding;

    5. Demonstrates an attempt to control the lesson and the use of time;

    6. Demonstrates an effective instructional explanation while demonstrating a task or manoeuvre, with few exceptions;

    7. Obtains some student involvement;

    8. Demonstrates an acceptable ability to demonstrate, analyze and correct simulated common errors related to the task or manoeuvre being taught;

    9. Demonstrates acceptable knowledge of training and testing standards.

  2. Evaluation of Student Performance:

    1. Confirms student understanding of the major areas of the lesson being taught;

    2. Identifies most of the common errors in performance of flight manoeuvres by the trainee and suggests a strategy for improvement.

  3. Flight Proficiency:

    1. Performs flight manoeuvres with no major deviations from the level of competency required for the issuance of the Commercial Pilot Licence, while giving flight instruction; and for aerobatics when no major deviations occur while performing the requisite aerobatic manoeuvres;

    2. Knowledge of training and testing standards acceptable.

  4. Supervisory Knowledge:

    1. Demonstrates administrative knowledge appropriate for the supervision of students and the management of student records;

    2. Demonstrates knowledge of the responsibility to acquire supervisory advice as a Class 3 and, in the case of a Class 4 Flight Instructor, the requirement for direct supervision from the holder of a Class 1 or 2 Flight Instructor Rating.

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