Flight Test Items - Post-Flight Debriefing


To determine that the candidate can conduct effective post flight debriefings.


The candidate will be required to conduct a post-flight debriefing with the examiner playing the role of a student.  The debriefing will be based on the manoeuvres or tasks taught and practised during the flight.  The candidate must inform the student of strengths and weaknesses and explain how to remedy weaknesses.  Assignment of home study material will show the instructor's familiarity with the contents of the Flight Training Manual, Flight Instructor Guide and Human Factors for Aviation Handbooks.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. help students assess their own performance;

  2. assess student performance, including strengths and weaknesses;

  3. make specific suggestions for improvement;

  4. answer any questions the student may have;

  5. assign study for the next flight lesson.

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