General - Admission to Flight Test


For admission to a flight test for an initial instructor rating, a candidate is required to present:

  1. a photo identification with signature;

  2. a Commercial or Airline Transport Pilot Licence in the same category as the rating sought with a valid medical certificate;

  3. proof of having completed, subject to applicable credits:

    1. in aeroplanes, a minimum of 230 hours total time including 20 hours instrument time, of which a minimum of 10 hours shall be instrument flight time; or

    2. the commercial pilot licence - aeroplane (CPL(A)/IR) integrated course; or;

    3. in helicopters, a minimum of 250 hours pilot-in-command flight time including a minimum of 15 hours instrument time of which a minimum of 5 hours shall be instrument flight time.

  4. proof of having successfully completed the required written examination(s) within the previous 24 months (CAR 400.03), after considering applicable credits; and

  5. a completed and certified Pilot Training Record (PTR) showing that the required instructor training has been completed, after considering applicable credits, in accordance with CAR Standards 421.69, 421.77, 421.91 or 421.92, for the following:

    1. the required dual flight instruction including training in teaching instrument flight skills;

    2. the required Instructor Rating ground school instruction covering;

      1. the practical application of the basic principles of learning and techniques of instruction;

      2. the preparation and use of lesson plans;

      3. the planning and presenting of preparatory ground instruction, pre-flight briefings, in-flight instruction and post-flight debriefings;

      4. the theory of flight required to teach the air exercises;

      5. the aircraft flight manuals and aircraft operating limitations;

      6. the presentation of pilot decision-making concepts; and

      7. the use of the Transport Canada Flight Instructor Guide, Flight Training Manual, Canadian Aviation Regulations and the Flight Test Guides for the Private and Commercial Pilot Licences – Aeroplane or Helicopter and the Recreational Pilot Permit - Aeroplane.

  6. a letter of recommendation, as required, signed within the preceding 30 days by the holder of a valid Class 1 Flight Instructor Rating – Aeroplane, Helicopter, or Aerobatic, as appropriate, certifying that:

    1. the candidate meets the experience requirements and has received the required flight and ground instruction;

    2. the candidate is considered competent to complete the flight test for the Flight Instructor Rating; and

    3. the candidate is recommended for the flight test

NOTE 1: A PTR is not required for persons who hold or have held a Canadian Forces Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) Category qualification or, in those instances specified in the Personnel Licensing Standards CAR 421, for holders of a Flight Instructor Rating issued by a Contracting State.  Candidates for aerobatic flight instructor ratings are not required to maintain PTRs but must record details of their instructor training in their pilot log book.

NOTE 2: The successful completion of a flight test is one of the prerequisites for the application for the issuance of a Flight Instructor Rating.  Once all of the prerequisites are met, the candidate may submit a completed “Flight Crew Licence – Application for Endorsement” (Form 26-0083) to the Pilot Examiner, an Authorized Person, authorized for the Flight Instructor Rating or a Transport Canada office.

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