Flight Test Items - Overall Planning and Organizing of a Lesson


To determine that the candidate can evaluate the training needs of a student and prepare, select or adapt a lesson to meet those needs.


For an aeroplane or helicopter instructor rating, the examiner will play the role of a student training for a private pilot licence, a night rating, a commercial pilot licence, or a flight instructor rating, as appropriate.  For an aerobatic instructor, the examiner will play the role of a student being trained to perform aerobatic manoeuvres or to obtain an aerobatic instructor rating, as appropriate.  Details, such as background, flight experience and ability, for an average student will be given.  This can be done by describing the student or by providing an actual or sample Pilot Training Record or logbook.

The candidate will be requested to plan, select or adapt a flight lesson for approximately one hour of flight instruction with this student and identify which exercise needs preparatory ground instruction.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge of the application of lesson plan components;

  2. determine a student's immediate training needs;

  3. develop, select or adapt a lesson to meet the student's training needs;

  4. plan preparatory ground instruction that is appropriate for the proposed training flight.

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