Flight Test Items - Teaching Proficiency


To determine that the candidate can conduct effective in-flight instruction.


The candidate will be required to teach the planned flight lesson, or an agreed-upon portion of it, with the examiner simulating the role of the student. The examiner may terminate this phase of the test once an assessment has been made of the candidate's competency.

In addition to the planned flight lesson, impromptu exercises will be requested by the examiner in order to obtain a broader sample of teaching proficiency. These impromptu exercises are to be presented on the assumption that preparatory ground instruction and pre-flight briefings have been completed. Exercises unrelated to the ones covered in the planned flight lesson will normally be requested.

Performance Criteria

Assessment will be based on the candidate's ability to:

  1. apply the demonstration – performance method of teaching;

  2. explain key points of the manoeuvre to be demonstrated;

  3. give an effective demonstration of the manoeuvre;

  4. communicate effectively;

  5. divide a complex manoeuvre into simple elements;

  6. make efficient use of the time available;

  7. assign appropriate student practice.

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